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Dr.Nithiyanandam There is a select group of doctor's disciples who are Vasi Yoga aspirants. It is the rarest of rare collection of beautiful flowers at the lotus feet of my master.I feel privileged to be a part of that bunch. I thank my master for the wonderful company I have for this short journey in this birth. Doctor once said about his disciples that they were precious hand-picked ones.

God 's omnipresence is the Message of Truth.
Hence the Message of Truth is ever-present in the universe.
God, a HE, or a SHE,or an IT”, is neither a phenomenon to be cognized nor made of hard matter to be felt.
But yet, it is His graceful omnipresence and ever-vibrant love that triggers the phenomenon, makes the hard matter and sustains life in this universe.
He is love,... love...... and......... love!



Many of us would have heard people say that they found their Guru after a long search for so many years. Even I have been saying this in the beginning. However the fact is that an aspirant can seek his Guru but he cannot find him until the Guru decides to take him/her into his fold. My experience tells me that one can never find the Satguru at his will unless he reaches a level of craving to pursue the path. Guru alone finds the disciple when the time is ripe for the disciple to progress further in his pursuit. I believe that the notion of finding the Guru at will of aspirant is wrong.. I have mentioned about my effort and search for guru in another article titled "My Eternal Father -The Doctor and I". I was so ignorant in the beginning to believe that I found him .Therefore,when Doctor said that it is the hand picked group, it is quite clear that we are here with him not out of our choice but because of his grace.

Doctor had given the name ANAND JOTHI for the group. There is an official web site  for the group for anyone to visit . There are our publications, songs, photo gallery of Doctor etc. in the web site to view and download. This web site  is second in line to be followed by many in future. Yet another web site is third in line and it is in Tamil language
Dr.Nithiyanandam, our Master

For the irreverent, argument is show of strength. The seekers converse to prune the data and sharpen their reflexes. The wise speak out only to clarify doubts and embellish what is known. As regards the Master, He is Himself the Message. He sits as He breathes. His presence itself is an assurance of deliverance from ignorance and whatever He utters is final.

It is out of compassion that the Master has come, into being in flesh and blood. He is not confined. Even inside a pot, the sky remains unlimited. Do not add up to your ignorance by underestimating Him just because He is just like you. He is just like you so that you can approach Him and become Him

The Master might seem to be illogical. He may even seem to be unreasonable. So what? Are you embarrassed that you are alive because of His Love alone and yet want to be convinced by logic and reason? In fact, reason belongs to a higher plane. You mix up the pranks of intelligence with the soundness of reason. Intelligence is quaky and irksome. Reason is rhythmic and melodious. Know that the Master is not only logical but also reasonable — ALWAYS. Those who have come to prove their worth should not seek proof of the One who gave them that worth. The proof of the salt lies in the taste and no eye can see it.

Reverence is remembering at the same time the Master’s stature and your inadequacies and behaving accordingly. The Master never compels. He speaks once. Then, he elaborates a little. He informs mildly and warns subtly. That is all. The impact is purely a matter of reflex and willingness. Willingness and reflex are linked only in an alert mind. In short, an open mind is as alert as it is relaxed.


The above quotes are from the Book Holy Gems:  There is another book titled "Holy Passage".

Follow the link to Publications pageto down load your book of choice for reading.

 For Jesus' disciples it took several centuries to propagate his preaching to the corners of the world. But in the hi-tech modern world, with Information technology at an advanced level it will take no time for a message like resurrection to reach the far corners of the world when the necessity arises. The intuitive urge to create the sites may be for that purpose.

The purpose of creating this web site is not to entice or rope-in all those who visit this site, but to make it possible for fellow human beings to be a part of the 'show-down' when it takes place! You will know what a 'show-down' means when you have finished going through this site. The sincere effort and prayer is to help the really craving, seeking, and searching aspirants by providing information and facts about this ultimate path. It is up to the person's level of craving and the decision of the Guru to bring the search to a successful close.

Anybody can contact us for further information about our master, the Master of all Masters. All who are sincere in their effort will get help to pursue the yogic path to the ultimate purpose of realization and liberation. Anyone can write to us, come in person or post queries a the 'contact form' provided in 'Contact Us' page which will be answered promptly.

Faith, patience, perseverance and sincere effort are necessary to pursue the path of Truth. If the seeker has the will and resolve, then he/she will surely get divine help.

    We are not bound by caste, creed or religion.
    Truth is our caste
    Truth, our creed and
    Truth our religion
The following are ther tenets of Anand Jothi.

There is a supreme, all-encompassing force, divine and benevolent, called by different names by different religions.

All religions lead to the same goal and everyone of them deserves equal respect.

Every soul is originally and ultimately divine in nature, whatever attire it may wear in between.

There are methods by which every human being is capable of speeding up the process of realizing the Universal Truth and every soul making a sincere attempt in this direction will receive Divine protection and help.

Anand Jothi is conducting regular Satsangs on the first Sunday of every month at one of Doctor's disciple's house in the evening at about 5 pm. The disciples of Doctor assemble regularly to meditate, sing devotional songs, discuss spiritual matters, exchange experiences, get questions answered on spiritual matters. The proceedings will come to an end after a simple dinner. The aspirants take leave looking forward to meeting once again, a month later at another disciple's house. This has been happening for more than a decade now.

Any body interested is welcome to participate in the the Satsang.

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