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The Great Universal Master is GOD!

ARTICLES by disciples.

By the grace of the Master Dr. A. Nithiyanandam, many of his disciples have undergone a lot of spiritual experiences. Their spiritual knowledge and experiences have been recorded. Some of them are listed below as articles for the benefits of seekers.

The Articles are listed below with short intro:

Mahesh Matt Krishnan: a disciple of Dr. Nithiyanandham since 1985 shares his life experiences and spiritual philosophy grounded in the tradition of our guru Dr.Nithiyanandam.

Every passing year, the spirit of Christmas continues to renew my faith. I believe that Doctor and Christ have a deep relationship and that their life was their message.......
Divine Life
In essence, the life and message of great masters has always been a practical one. It is always about how as human beings put on this planet we can realize our full potential.....
Every creation of the Supreme being has within itself the seed of perfection, as a natural condition of it’s divine origins. This seed of perfection creates.....
Eye of the I
This isan offering of gratitude for Doctors birthday – January 6th – a day which is of great significance to those of us, whose lives have been transformed by His birth......
Mahesh's Poem on Doctor's Birth Day
Here is a poem I wrote a few years ago but may not have shared it. I found it again at a good time ...
A birthday poem for the one and only …..


was a disciple of our master. He was the instrument in bringing out most of our publications. He played a major roll in building the Anand Jothi Ashram from its inception stage to its finish. He is a silent and efficient work.
Mr. Hari was a disciple of our master. He was the instrument in bringing out most of our publications. He played a major roll in building the Anand Jothi Ashram from its inception stage to its finish .......
Divine Messages
There is no short-cut to god. You have to traverse the whole distance. The gap, the yawning chasm that separates you from god, has to be fully covered. It takes time. Often it is painful......
Divine Quotes
What do great Siddhas tell us about Vasi yoga? which is also known as siddha yoga, kriya yoga, gadhagatham etc. This system of yoga is practiced by all Siddha yogis of Tamil Siddha tradition......
Divine Grace
Doctor on several occasions demonstrated that he is the one who plans for me and my plans will never happen. Recent demonstration happened on 9 August, the day of release of my book ‘The Journey’.......
Doctor Appears in front of Muthukumar after 13 years! Namaskar. 24th December. Christmas Eve! On this day, this year (2008), I had a pleasant and unforgettable experience.......
Miracle by Doctor
Mr.Subramaniam, lives in Ghana, Africa. The experience, he narrates happened very recently. As the experience was unique and can be mentioned as miracle, he wished to reveal and share it with his fellow deciples.
Originally, the article was written in Tamil language by Subramaniam. The original article can be viewed in our web site In order to fecilitate non-Tamil-speaking visitors of this site from all over the world, Mr. Janakiraman has translated it into English. If you prefer Tamil version of the article go to –Kesavan
Doctor took me in his fold
This lady Smt.Geetha, lives with her family in US. The experience, she narrates happened long back but something prompted her to reveal and share it with her fellow deciples now.
Pats, my friend, asked me to publish her experiences in our web sites. He left us before I could publish it. Originally, the article was written in Tamil language. In order to fecilitate non-Tamil-speaking visitors of this site from all over the world, Mr. Janakiraman has translated it into English. Now, you can go ahead and read the article or go to if you prefer the Tamil version. -Kesavan


a disciple of Dr.Nithiyanandam has written a few articles about his experiences, interractions with his Master. He describes how the Master changed him from an ordinary human to an ardent disciple and a serious pursuer of the path. The articles are listed below for reading

Doctor said several times that Vasi is the key to eternity. He advised us to practice it incessantly, relentlessly, sincerely until we reached the goal........
Formative Days
The Cute and sweet baby to the left is My Master in his childhood.In my early days of childhood, spirituality was not understood by me in its real sense. It was more of a habit than a selected path for me.....
After the three strange visitors, nothing happened in my life for several years. The life was dull and monotonous without any spiritual experience. Worldly attractions kept me going......
I asked the visitors to come a little while latter for my next article in my previous article titled ‘Search’. I am sorry all of you to wait for a long time for the promised next episode......
Mind reader
A little while later, one day as we were talking to him in the hospital at Alandur, doctor narrated an episode in his life. He said that it happened in his childhood days.......
It is a miraculous word: What does it mean? It means that that which is not happening in every days life and in every ones life is Miracle.......
I felt this note is necessary here. Mostly I decide the topic and then write my views, experiences etc. on that subject.......

The Master does not explain much because the more He professes the more you will be confused. The profoundness strikes a chord right away in the heart of an illiterate. Though the ill-informed seek the profound, unfortunately, they are not prepared to give up their love for the absurd. Where a drink of water quenches thirst — a thesis on it can never explain. If you know this, you will know that.

Often, the self-imposed targets are either forcibly forgotten or conveniently amended. The challenge the life throws up, bring out the best in Man. Only the Master can arrange them — of course without proclaiming it. Sometimes, he might even choose to be the challenge itself. Without uttering a word, He will take the blame. This is compassion. The Master does not explain because He is THE EXPERIENCE.

MOTHER Divine Mother is eternity. She is susceptible to pure love. She does not have a form. Rather, She takes form for the benefit of children who are beloved to Her. She is perfection in femininity. Divinity radiates from Her frame. She is too bright to behold. Not even a million suns can match Her half-glance.

GOD God who dwells within expresses Himself as warmth. God is personal. Therefore, there cannot be a personal God outside. God is too personal to be defined, not to speak of being “sculptured”. If one wants, the tree can speak like God. If one wants, the sky can thunder down messages. If one wants, the rain can pour down sweet songs for one to dissolve. However, not only when one wants it is so. Dwell inside, dwell within. Learn that there is nothing apart from oneself. There is no difference between the innermost chamber and the one who dwells in it.

Oneness can be realised by wishing together.

You knock and you shall hear yourself. If willingness is the thought, then, work is action and Prayer is the passion that sustains it.

The lamp is a lamp wherever it is. Seek — whoever you might be — and attain Salvation. Salute the noble ones who bequeathed truth and love for us to take shelter, in this hour of ire and strain. Weeping is not melting. By weeping, one’s lack of faith is exposed and in melting, is restored. A bout of melting is as reassuring as the sky after the rains.

REFER the BOOKS to learn more on the above Quotes

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