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The Master - An Introduction

I still wonder how that fragile body could hold so much love! It is hard to describe the love, grace, kindness and compassion which emanate all at once from those beautiful eyes. It is to be experienced to be believed. All the beauty of creation nestled in those eyes. My God! Yes! God he is! An ordinary human being cannot have so much love for mankind!

I have become speechless many a time at a single side-long glance from him. I have never seen anyone like him before nor do I believe that any one could be like him except himself. You may think that I exaggerate but any serious disciple of a Satguru would empathize with me. I have not seen any one so full of love- divine love ~ love streaming out of him like a perennial river! I can summarize and say that he is the embodiment of LOVE.

On one occasion, I consulted Doctor (yes! That is how we address him as he is a qualified, practicing medical professional.) for a small injury in my hand. When he took my hand in his, the love that flowed from his eyes was very much motherly. The spontaneous reaction was something I didn't expect from him in those initial days and wondered at the love, care and concern in those beautiful eyes. He was more of a mother than a guru at that moment. The thought that crossed my mind at that time was "is he my preceptor or my mother in his form?" After approximately eighteen months of association with him and twelve years of physical separation, I have no questions left in my mind. I know who he is!

He is the mother of all mothers.
He is the father of all fathers.
He is the guru of all gurus.
He is the friend of all friends.
He is the guide, the greatest of philosophers.
He is the best in all the equations a man can think of.
He is the King of Kings.
The Prophets that God sent from time to time to this earth were true embodiments of His love. It would be the truth to say that Prophets down the ages were the same, the messages they had spread are the same - "THE MESSAGE OF TRUTH". They helped mankind cognize the Message of Truth, spread in this universe, by converting themselves into one.

I dont need another relationship in this life with him around. This statement may look superfluous and exaggerated but if you know him as much as I know him you will readily agree with me. He can play the role of any relationship in this world or any world for that matter. He is a very special relative to all who seek him. One must have personal experience of this to believe what I say...

Now I know what question pops up in the reader's mind. Who is HE? I have created this web site exactly for the purpose of answering this question. When you have finished reading all the pages of this site and you will know who HE is. I am not selfish. I wish you too have what I received from him. I want you to experience his love as I experience it. That would lead you to know the purpose of your life, even if you are not aware of it right now.

He came into this world on 06-01-1939
is said to have departed on 03-07-1995

But the experience I had and still have tells me otherwise! Ordinary living beings including those of the animal kingdom can depart from a given location or a time zone but people who know him as I know, will readily agree with me that HE cannot depart like that.

The Holy Mother

Beckon the lost and wayward souls to


WORDS, as well as the thoughts embedded in them, belong to the realm of “Akasa” — the space. Words of wisdom, whether they at once convert a confronting mind or not, purify akasa — the akasa that envelops the entire cosmos, the akasa in you, in me and in everybody. Words of wisdom emanate not from minds but from the vital force, the prana that constitutes every Jeeva. Once they manifest they are imperishable. The term “Akshara” in Sanskrit implies this. Words of wisdom are everlasting impressions, spread throughout the akasa. They nullify the evil forces that corrupt the akasa. They preserve the cosmic balance.

What follow are not mere sayings. They are sparkling gems of a spiritual origin. They have descended to us so that we may ascend. They were brought down by the grace of Guru. They reveal the TRUTH so that our souls may revel in them. With every utterance, they multiply and fill the akasa with resplendence Every time they vibrate in the chitakasa, the echoes throng and spread throughout the cosmic space. Here they are presented, so that they may be represented on earth by deserving souls.

“Open up the sky in you ………..The Holy Gems to shine …………..! They flap their wings and knock the door ………………….Let them in, the light divine.”

Being truthful is being faithful. Faith is not believing in one’s capabilities, recognising potentials or accepting superiority. It is abiding in and by the Truth which can be found only in you and which can be shown only by Guru.

If God were to descend, He too should work for salvation. Even for Him, the first and final step is to seek His Guru.

Implicit obedience is not slavery. It is instant understanding of the Master’s lofty, subtle notions. Those who cannot comprehend instantly can obey first and learn later. It is a sacrilege to even think that the Guru will enslave anyone. He has only come to free others, as He alone is FREEDOM.

It is His grace that He gives and it is His grace that He does not give. Remember that He never takes.


Depart from where? Go where? when He is everywhare. He is a phenomenon who has no time-and-space restriction or a time zone.  He is immortal! 

No combination of words and phrases can explain the situation right. I can put it this way to make it simple. .He is omnipresent and omnipotent. He is everywhere. He can throw away the body like a used worn out shirt and take another one or he can patch up the robe and use it for some more time or as long as he needs. The body is like a shirt worn for an occasion. He is not the shirt. He willed it. He is eternal. Repairing and revitalizing the impermanent physical body is not a big task for him. He is out there somewhere in his physical body doing something for the world that it may live in peace and harmony. He will come again and prove to the world that he is the Universal Lord. Anyone who practices the Vasi Yoga taught by him properly and sincerely can be a wonderful instrument in the hands of God.

By profession he was an allopathic doctor, a gynecologist, and was working for the most part of his life in Chennai Corporation-run dispensaries in the city. As a professional doctor he treated the sickness of the mortal body.

At the same time, he was treating another kind of patients who craved to cleanse themselves of Maya i.e. illusion and at that he was the best. His disciples address him Doctor. I have not so far come across a person who called him by his name. As I said in the beginning, this site is about doctor. I wish the world knows who he is. He is a YOGI. He teaches the ultimate system of yoga which is called Siddha Yoga/Vasi Yoga/Gathagatham etc. to name a few of its other names. Without an iota of doubt this Vasi Yoga helps the practitioner to transcend the physical body and merge with Parabrahmam or the pure consciousness. This yoga will help you to achieve realization and liberation ultimately.

Doctor once said that the acquired knowledge had to be buried for further progress in spiritual evolution! Doctor made everything simple and gave it to us in an easy-to-follow format and asked us to practice it at least for twenty minutes, thrice every day regularly. Is this not very simple to follow and practice? Just twenty minutes thrice a day!

Would you like to know more about our Doctor and his system of yoga? Go to the Publications page. You have plenty of information to begin with and to follow through. If that is not enough and you are in a mighty hurry to proceed right away, go  to contact page and you have instant access to me. I am willing to help you to pursue the path.

I don’t ask you to buy anything as I have nothing on sell. What you need is a place where you live; a small room or a cozy corner where you will not be disturbed by others. Read the Flame Meditation article. Practice as explained in that article. You can sit and meditate with or without yoga mat but if you feel that a yoga mat will make you comfortable, go ahead and spend a few dollars if you can afford it. If you do not have those few dollars to spend, then sit on a chair at home or on a sofa or on the floor on a wooden plank. A little comfort is necessary initially to release the mind from bodily consciousness but as you progress in your practice of yoga you will understand that the outside comfort is not critical for progress in Yoga path. Lord has vested with every one of us the freedom to act. Freedom is like a double edged sword and one has to use it very carefully and I hope you will use your sense of discretion. You have interesting news in the article 'Divine Messages' which I hope might help you.

You cannot buy this knowledge for money. In God's kingdom everything is free for his children. God himself initiates you into this system of yoga taking a form as Satguru or master. I remember an event in my past which is relevant to this topic. In the early period of my association with Doctor, I requested him to treat my wife for knee pain. After a course of treatment in acupuncture, I was in a dilemma whether or not to pay fees for the treatment. I was in two minds when I put some currency notes in an envelope and asked my wife to hand it over to him. He returned the envelope to my wife and asked her to hand it back to me. The next day when I apologized to him for my act, he asked me softly, "what do we need this money for?" That is Doctor. If someone offers this knowledge for money, know that it is not from the Lord. What is offered by God cannot be sold or bought.

If you have questions, do not hesitate to ask. I have no worldly things to offer you except the knowledge, experience and love I got from Doctor. One gets only what one deserves. Whatever you deserve in this birth is there for you to reach out and take it. No one can snatch it away from you. I am only an instrument in the hands of my Lord, Doctor. I have no personal wish or desire. You are my Brother or Sister because my eternal father Doctor is your father too. We are children of the same God. God has no name but when He comes down to help his children he takes a name and a form for the sake of his children to approach him and identify him easily. I am waiting for you to come and acquire the hidden divine knowledge. It is time to wake up from the sleep of ignorance that has clouded us over several births. Extend your hand willingly. He will take you into his fold and Peace shall be permanent. That is the purpose of Yoga. The very purpose of this site is exactly that.

My best wishes and prayers in the name of Doctor for your progress.

Your beloved brother


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