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What is Vasi yoga?

Vasi yoga is the knack of breathing that allows one to simply transcend mind and in the process burn karma and vasanas (tendencies). Once karma and vasanas are burnt the soul is not different from the eternal truth, Brahmam.

Question: Are Vasi yoga and Siddha yoga one and the same?

Answer: Siddha yoga, Gathagatham, Kriya yoga are some of the other names given to Vasi yogam by different teachers. By whatever name it is known, the system is one and the same with some frills here and there at times. The method and practice is the same ultimately. It is about the secret of inner breath.

Question: Who found this system first and taught this?

Answer: It is said, LORD KRISHNA taught VASI YOGA. All Siddhas follow this system only.

Question: Is it ‘pranayama’?

Answer: No! It is not the regular pranayama. In Hatayoga , Pranayama is associated with external breathing and methods of controlling it. Vasi is the ‘inner breath’ DISTINCT from the normal inhalation and exhalation of air through the nostrils. The knowledge and control of the inner breath is vasi yoga.

Question: Can you explain how I should begin practicing it?

Answer: No! It cannot be imparted online nor can it be learnt by reading a book. The aspirant should learn it in the physical presence of the teacher.

Question: Can you please explain a little more about beginning the process?

Answer: The ‘Gathi’ or the inner breath which is in a dormant state in all unenlightened human beings will be activated by the Sathguru through the teacher. The disciple is made aware of the inner breath and its path. There begins the journey of the disciple towards God. The Master will be with the aspirant until he/she reaches his/her final goal.

After going through this web site and this article if a person is interested in seriously pursuing this path, I would suggest the following steps. Please read as many books listed in the ‘Publications’ page as you can. There are many articles and personal experiences of the disciples under ‘article’ section. By doing this one will gain wider and deeper knowledge about Vasi Yoga and about our Master Dr. Nithiyanandam.

After that please pay special attention and read the passage ‘Flame Meditation’. Here is the link: Flame Meditation

After these preliminaries if you are in and around Chennai, meet me in person fixing up a time convenient to both of us. If out of Chennai or staying abroad you can discuss with me on phone or e-mail.

In addition to this, if you can understand Tamil language, please click to download the following audio file. You will have indepth information and details about Vasi yoga there. Our Master Sathguru Dr. Nithiyanandam speaks about vasi yogam.You can download the file in small parts if you go to the pageDoctor Speaks

If you cannot understand Tamil language, please read the book 'Verses of Wisdom' by clicking the following link. Verses of Wisdom

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