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Voice of Anand Jothi.


The first issue of Voice of Anand Jothi was published in the year 1996. Ever since, it is being published almost every month. Some articles like The Catalyst and Arutkural are appearing almost in all issues of VoAJ. Besides these contigeous articles, there are many more written by many disciples about their spiritual experiences.

Use the search box on the right side to select the year and month of issues to read. All the issues of past 12 years can be downloaded in zip file if you go to Publications. Or if you wish to skip this page and go to next page Click Here.

Voice of anand jodhi - Nov 1996
First issue of Voice of AnandJothi a monthly news letter begings from this month.An article about Anandjothi symbol. Article about surrender.Events and satsangh information
Voice of anand jodhi - Dec 1996
Be linked to the one who lives within- Message from Divine mother.Jamuna's spiritual experiences. Book 'Arutkural' released by Anandjothi at Rishikesh- article by Thirumaran