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WhatThe Holy Beings Tell us About

Be it turning the pages of a book or turning the course of history one must show the same involvement, caution and felicity. If one does not cook properly, know for sure that he has not meditated properly.

Meditation is not a part time fantasy. It is not confined to the four walls, closed eyes and docility of breathing. Meditation is being aware within, without, and throughout. The ease and felicity fetch more rewards from heaven.

Only through a systematic process of separation can inseparableness be understood.

There are thoughts, which are neither good nor bad. One must not allow one’s vision to be clouded by evil thoughts and vain thoughts.

One should be moderate in speech, in diet, in sleep, last but not the least, in thoughts. God- intoxication is distinct. A medicine may also make one a bit drowsy; but it clears what should be cleared. It ejects the toxins out of the system. God- intoxication is like that.

Meditation is recitation. Recitation is regularity of breathing through the sacred path. When the breathing is perfect, the soul starts living without inhalation and exhalation.

Initiation ensures Liberation but only effort enables.

A Master is none else than one who knows the secret of breath.

Everything is conquered by conquering the breath. It may be difficult to believe this but this is the Truth. In mountaineering, there is a difference between climbing and coming back to the camp. Reserve your stories. The world will benefit by them only if you come down to relate after reaching the summit.


Meditation is a general term in Yoga. Different kinds of practices are referred to by this term.As the word Meditation accommodates liberally several limbs of yoga, we wish to list a few articles under this heading.

We have given an introductory note for each subject with a link to navigate you to the full article.

Flame Meditation

Taught by Doctor Nithiyanandam, the great spiritual Master. This simple method of prayer and meditation introduces one to spiritual pursuit. This method is as universal as the goal itself and its origin is traced back to the sages of the glorious past. It prepares the aspirant for initiation into the grand path of the truth.

Mudhras and Bandhas

Mudhras and Bandhas are postures of body. These exercises help aspirants to progress in their path at a faster pace. We are going through only a few of them here. Even though there are many mudhras and bandhas practiced by aspirants of different systems, Doctor taught us only a few which are explained here.

Hatha Yoga

This system is like a foundation stone for all other systems of yoga including Vasi Yoga. For a strong building a strong foundation is necessary. Hence for successful practice of any system of yoga, a healthy and strong physical body and mind are important. In his treatise of this yoga, Swatmarama, who lived in the 15th century in India and compiled the Hatha yoga Pradipika, introduces Hatha Yoga as a stepping stone to reach the heights of Raja Yoga.

Yogic Exercises

These exercises will speedup the process of Vasi yoga. We are giving you some yogic exercises which would help you in maintaining your normal physical health. Select your room, either meditation room or study room or some other clean well ventilated room. Sit in your favorite Asana. Padmasana preferably or Sukhasana will do.


Thamarai is a spiritual center exclusively for meditation. No other activity takes place here. Doctor has used one of his disciples Smt Preethi Shankar, residing in the US to establish this place. When the seed was sown, other disciples were quick to take the lead and establish it in a short span of time.

-by Kesavan

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