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If a particular soul has failed to reason out properly or refuses to reason out properly at a particular stage, then it gets stuck. If it gets stuck at a higher stage, there is every likelihood of it becoming an Angel. Sometimes it is a blessing and sometimes it is not so. If becoming that had been your aim, you have got what you had wanted, what you had aspired for. But if you become that because you got stuck, then it is not a blessing.

Are Angels different from Devas? Not necessarily. These are different names to seemingly different shapes, which manifest only the mercy of the Almighty. Angels have souls like human beings. They do not have Karma in the normal sense of the term.


Every Holy being has met all other Holy beings.

What brings about a Prophet? The need of the Society or the eligibility of the Soul? The will of God alone. When does He will? How can we fathom it? Even if you have counted all the stars, the sky remains as lucid as ever.

The Prophets never established any religions. The way of life with written and unwritten code of conduct was given unto the human beings in the name of God, the only God. They were named, hence the confusion. It was one single person who came to you again and again to speak about the one and only thing in the name of the One and Only One.

No Prophet is ever understood or recognised properly in his lifetime. What the Prophet seeks is not recognition of him but the truth, which God asked him to deliver to the masses. The Prophet is the only one who is absolutely devoid of dogmas, who talks straight, simply straight.

Prophet does not seek knowledge of anything. Then and there they receive. Only he who does not plan his next moment is a prophet. This is so because the divine plans are communicated to him through angels, now and then. In a way, it may even appear that, there is no difference between a man caught in ignorance and a prophet. However, a man in ignorance does not await the divine communication -does not wait motionless till such communication reaches him. That alone is the difference.

There is no difference between a prophet and a realised soul. What difference can there be between awaiting revelations for every movement and realisation itself. A Prophet can declare, he can even deftly avoid declaring. But he delivers what is declared unto him. That alone is important.



It is About How Vasi Yoga and Doctor Moulded Me Into What I am Today.

Doctor said several times that Vasi is the key to eternity. He advised us to practice it incessantly, relentlessly, sincerely until we reached the goal. I have heard him say once that one has to bury the intelligence to reach the goal. Doctor also said that it is easier to liberate a shepherd than a scholar with a dozen degrees behind his name. In worldly life, learning is wealth. In spiritual life, one has to unlearn what he has learned. What knowledge you should retain and what you should loose will be decided by the Master. He alone knows the path. Listen in silence with total concentration to what he says and do what he tells you without asking questions. All the questions will be answered at the right time. Patience and perseverance are two necessities for a yoga student.

By nature, I have been spiritually inclined since child hood. Without any effort, my attention was drawn to Temples, Gods, Spiritually charged places etc. My natural liking for epics like Ramayana and Maha Baratha, focused my mind on the deity Lord Krishna of the Hindu religion. Though I was born in an orthodox Hindu family, in my younger days, I used to go to churches and some times to a Muslim Sufi saint's 'Samadhi'. If you ask me why I visited churches and Mosques, I have no answer except that these places had a serene atmosphere. At that age, I was not very clear in my mind as to the purpose of my visits. Now, after so many years of meditation and experiences, I can fairly understand the reason for those visits. It is not a mystery. It is only truth. Though I do not know who I was in my previous birth or births before that, the tendencies of those births, must have influenced me in this birth. This might continue in my next births if I do not liberate myself in this present birth .

I am the first son of my parents, born and brought up at Chidambaram a small town in the south Indian state Tamilnadu. My parents were then living at Chennai, state capital of Tamilnadu. I was living at Chidambaram with my uncle Masilamani who was an ardent devotee of Lord Krishna. My uncle used to take me to the famous Natarajar temple in Chidambaram. We used to visit Lord Govindarajaperumal every time. It was his habit to narate to me chapters from epic Ramayana and Maha Baratha whenever he found himself free. My devotion for Lord Krishna was spontaneous. Lord Krishna was my personal God. In those days, my routine was to go to my school passing by the temple every day. I was very poor in mathematics. When the exams approached, I used to visit a small Anjaneyar temple within the larger Govindarajaperumal temple and pray for his help that I may score enough marks to pass the exam. Lord Anjaneya had a peculiar method to answer me. My uncle used to tell me to always offer lime fruit to Lord Anjaneya. I did it dutifully whenever I had money to buy it. It was my habit to offer it whenever I had to request him for some favor like marks in maths. etc. Before praying to him , I used to place the lemon fruit in the cavity of his folded hands. After sincere prayer, when I opened my eyes to look at him, the lemon would jump from the cavity of his palms and fall down. I used to interpret it as positive answer. I would pass in the exams if he blessed me like that. It happened several times over years until I moved to Chennai to join my High school. He was more of a friend than a God to me. Now with knowledge and insight into these things, I could not but to smile within my self. Lord is great!

In my younger days, I was very much attracted towards occult science, paranormal happenings, magic and anything which cannot be explained by modern science. Questions were many and answers none. My primary questions were: Is there really a God?. If so is that Lord Krishna? Is Lord Krishna more powerful than other Gods? Where do these Gods live other than temples? etc. Whenever my questions became very intense, my uncle will come up with an episode from either Maha Baratha or Ramayana to douse the fire inside. I had to wait forty and odd years to come face to face with my Eternal father Doctor Nithiyanandam to realize that God really exists. All my questions vanished. Though it was not easy it worth the painful waiting.


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