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Divine Grace And Divine Plan.

Doctor on several occasions demonstrated that he is the one who plans for me and my plans will never happen. Recent demonstration happened on 9 August, the day of release of my book ‘The Journey’.

Earlier, I had planned to release the book on Doctor’s birthday, 6th Jan. But due to my basic tendency i.e. Laziness, I couldnot meet the deadline. Again, I wanted to release the book on 7 June. I failed to meet the deadline again.

As I was worried ofnot meeting the deadline, I was informed through Meenakshi, not to worry about the book release. It would be a grand release function on a particular day. I was asked to get the book ready.

Mahesh from US informed me that he was coming to Chennai in August and he wanted to have a get together of Anand Jothi members. So it was decided to have it on 9 August and the venue was finalized.

On that particular day, get together of Mahesh turned out to be the release function. Six copies were released by Shob, Mani, Meenakshi, Jayashree, Ananthu and Shanthamma. The copies were received by Mahesh, advocate Ravi, Anand, Thirumurugan, Sridhar and Mahendran (Doctor’s friend). Nothing had been formally planned. It happened on its own without any confusion or any hindrance.

It is the Master who plans for us. As a disciple, my job is to be a mere instrument in his hands.

I wish to thank Doctor, Mother, Holy beings and my brethren for their support, guidance and for being with me in my journey.

Whatever happens in our lives is by the Divine grace and Divine plan.


A couple of weeks after submitting the above article to the web site, my best friend Pats had left us all. The following articles are the evidence of the place he held in many of our hearts.

In loving memories of my amiable, sweet friend and co-disciple Pats.

He is a nice person with very pleasant qualities. His company has been comfortable for almost everybody. He is a good listener. I don’t remember to have heard him complaining about anything or anybody. Always lent a helping hand to anyone approached him for any help. His love for our Master was hundred per cent. He devoted most of his free time to the service of Anand Jothi. Personally, I have lost a friend and company in this journey. He is liked by one and all like I do. I have a feeling that the separation is not final. We will meet sometime, somewhere, in some plane as companions in the service of our Master Dr.Nithiyanandam.

Pats has written a book titled ‘The journey’ and published it very recently. It is unbelievable coincidence that he has titled the book 'The Journey'. It is strange  that his journey has also come to an end immediately after release of the Book..

The journey of his mortal body has come to an end. I wish and pray that the journey of his soul too ends at the lotus feet of our master Dr.Nithiyanandam, the universal Lord.

At this point of time I am reminded of an article he wrote in the first issue of Voice of Anandjothi, published in November, 1996. I am reproducing it below.

I pray Doctor grants Pats what he had written in his following article "Guru says......enough child.....enough....take rest in me!".

The goal has been set by Him and it is so simple.  The goal is we all should becomelike Him. Is it really simple?

But according to him it is simple and hence it should be simple. Since the goal has been set, let us move on towards the Goal.

Our journey started the day our Guru ignited the light within us (initiation). The journey may be tiresome, sometimes painful, may not be very attractive but let us not forget that our Guru is always there with us.

He clears the hurdles on ourway towards the truth.

Let us continue with our journey until our Guru says…………. ‘enough child…. enough….take rest in me!’

A Tribute to Pats – by Matt Mahesh Krishnan

A great soul and dear friend Pats was taken away from us too soon and will always remain treasured in our hearts. Like Hari, Pats was truly one of our pillars who has helped lay the foundation of our community of faith. He was a great example of humility who put to practice all that was taught by our Master.

Pats lived an exemplary life by being spiritual throughout and facing every challenge with the utmost grace and calm wisdom. His warm smile and steadfast support for the activities and members of Anand Jothi are only too well known to all of us over the years.

I am truly grateful for having his friendship. One of Doctor’s earliest disciples, Pats had such unswerving faith in the ways of the Guru that it will remain an inspiration for generations to come. In his family I see such spiritual maturity as they deal with this loss with the greatest composure and understanding, that it stands as an example of how to manage such a tremendous test. Pats has been blessed with a family that is as well oriented to the divine as he was. That he had the grace of the Master throughout is evident because of the way in which he and his family have been provided for and mentally prepared.

It appears that the way was being pavedfor his onward journey. His bodily suffering, though significant, appeared to have been borne much by our Guru Doctor who made it bearable for him. The fact that he had written a book, released earlier this year, shows how meaningfully his final stages were designed. I was privileged to be there for this book release event where I got a signed copy which I will always cherish.

Pats has bought a property in Kudumalai behind the ashram to enhance our presence there in the years to come. He was also instrumental in developing the Thamarai center of meditation in Chennai. What we must also gratefully remember is that without Pats diligent recording of sessions, we may not have much of the materials in our publications. The legacy of Pats is far richer than we can imagine today. In the end, each of our lives will not be measured by its length as its depth."

We will never know what equations our creator has in his mind with our time here and beyond. Despite this unknowable mystery, we are fortunate to have the complete confidence that wherever we are the divine grace of our Guru will guide and protect us. Pats has completed his work and development admirably and is in a place where all of us will inevitably meet again someday.

Ramanan's poetic tribute to his friend Pats.

நல்ல மனிதன் மறைந்துவிட்டான்
நண்பனாகவே வாழ்ந்து சென்றான்
சொல்ல வார்த்தை ஒன்று மட்டும் - அவன்
சோதியோடு கலக்க வேண்டும்

முல்லை போன்ற மகள்களுக்கு
நல்ல வாழ்க்கை அமையவேண்டும்
எல்லையற்ற இறைவன் அருளால்
இதயம் எதையும் தாங்க வேண்டும்

மலர்மனத்து மாலினிக்கு
கனம்மிகுந்த நாட்களிவை..
சிலசமயம் வலியன்றோ
வாழ்க்கையிலே வழிதிறக்கும்?

தன்வலிமை தானறிந்து
தலைநிமிர்ந்து அவள்நடக்க
பொன்மகளிர் இருவர்க்கும்
பூப்போன்ற வாழ்வுவர

என்னாளும் இறையருளை
வேண்டுபவர் எத்தனையோ
அன்னவரில் நானொருவன்
அல்லாமல் என்செய்வேன்?

பாசமுடன் நேசமுடன்
பக்கத்தில் அவனிருந்து
ஆசையுடன் சேவைசெய்த
அன்னாட்கள் நினைவிலுண்டு

ஓசையுற்ற வாழ்க்கையிலே
ஓரத்தே மலர்களென
வாசமிகு நினைவுசில>
வாழ்வெல்லாம் தொடர்ந்துவரும்....


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