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Divine Message - Love and Surrender.

The following messages were received from Holy beings by the grace and mercy of Doctor. Vasi/Siddha yogis must remember every word of the following passage if they wish to progress fast.

To peace through prudence. Peace is not an achievement; it is an attainment through refinement.

A million suns cannot dispel the darkness that resides in the heart of every flame.

Knowledge is transcended so that peace shall descend. Light up the knowledge that lifts you up, so that the last leap is easy.

Knowledge is vibrant because it is the visage of peace.

Kind heart is willingly enveloped by peace. Do not confuse peace with the misleading quietness of arrogance.

You are born free; but you can remain free only if you know peace. It is certain that you will not find peace if you look for it elsewhere than in you.

Indifference, remaining unconcerned and rigidity are such guileful devils that they are mistaken for peace. Peace is not a mere possibility; hence it cannot be contrived.

Peace is not an arrangement; hence it cannot be contracted out. Even a child can tell you whether you are peaceful or not.

Peace is not the fatigue between two spasms of violence. It is easier to know peace than to acquire knowledge.

How peculiar! Every devil gets into you right under your nose but peace waits at your doors for your willing nod, which you do not condescend to grant.

The faithful are peaceful. It may be difficult, still, unless you cast aside your passion for this holiest and that beautiful, you will find NEITHER and peace never.

It is because peace is always there that it is lost and found once too often.

You cannot witness if you run along. Peace is like a pen-friend who is always sought, but never recognised, if met unannounced.

The WORDS comfort since they originate from peace. Think suitably; act accordingly; and remain Peaceful. Peace be with you, if you please!


There is no short-cut to success. Practice cannot be circumvented. Efforts cannot be dispensed with. No one gets too much too soon. It seems otherwise, due to lack of knowledge of previous births. It is to be known that life is one continuous experience and regulated breathing is its most coherent expression. It is regulated breathing that stills the mind and unites it with the soul.

Vital breath is the most sacred. By God’s compassion, it is common to all. That which breathes alone can live.

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"There is no short-cut to god. You have to traverse the whole distance. The gap, the yawning chasm that separates you from god, has to be fully covered. It takes time. Often it is painful. Sometimes, it is so painful that one begins to doubt if all that suffering is worth the while. This is particularly so when god tests the spiritual seeker for his worth. It is like Christs crucification. Every seeker has to bear the cross. Only it is a different kind of cross with different seekers".

"You cannot realize god, who is perfection while possessing the slightest imperfection. That is why mother Sarada, the worshipful partner of Ramakrishna, prayed the way she did. On a full moon night she said bless me god that I may become spotless like the moon then hesitated and said no, even the full moon has flaws. Make me flawless, immaculate, pure, perfect, radiant".

Doctor in clinic

"Remember that you will be tested by god precisely in that virtue in which you are wanting. Are you impatient? You will be tested for patience again and again. If you are not strong, you succumb at the slightest temptation. But if you are morally strong but not yet perfect, then you will succumb only to the most powerful temptation. Then only your spiritual safety becomes foolproof".

"When the spiritual seeker is thus repeatedly tested, sorely tried, he feels miserable. Every spiritual seeker has to pass through this stage. It is the process of purification. You will be like the ore in the furnace. It is certainly not a pleasant experience. It is very painful indeed. The seeker begins to fulminate. He feels: the worldly life was better, is this the choice open to me? What kind of god is he to delight in my misery? the part tragic, part comic aspect of the whole situation is that even when the seeker curses his creator/master, he is aware of his total helplessness of his own impotence and gods omnipotence.

Ultimately he breaks down and prays to god".

This is:
  • surender
  • Total surrender.
  • Unqualified surrender

In that moment of surrender, god's grace rushes into him, consoles him and comforts him and peace ensues in the troubled heart. Thus, suffering is the precursor to surrender.

Realization is obtained only the hard way. The sooner you wake up to this bitter truth, the better for you. Thus, realization of god is only after........ Total surrender.

  • Love is very patient and kind,
  • never jealous or envious,
  • never boastful or proud,
  • never haughty or selfish or rude.

  • Love does not demand its own way
  • it is not irritable or touchy
  • it does not hold grudges
    and will hardly even notice
  • when others do it wrong
  • it is never glad about injustice
  • but rejoices whenever truth is out

  • If you love someone:
  • you will be loyal to him
  • no matter what the cost
  • you will always believe in him
  • always expect the best of him
  • and always stand your ground
  • in defending him...

  • All the special gifts & powers from god
  • will some day come to an end
  • but love goes on forever

The greatest is love

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