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Award is encouragement. Reward is recognition.

Award should stimulate. Reward should refine.

Effort is awarded with consistency.

Consistency is rewarded with transcending ability.

If award is the better height, reward is the better view.

The persevering aspirant is dumb-struck by the reward, since it is cumulative.


Fear not.

Fear is the tremor in the otherwise peaceful land of faith.

They die out of fear and they also kill out of fear. Shun evil stoutly and do not run away in fear. Fear plots. You can stop fear but if you let it in, you cannot avoid its band of friends’ suspicion, vengeance, imprudence, etc.

Fear is afraid of patience. Being afraid seems to be natural; but if you are under a Master and still entertain fear, it is a sin.

That which is not real but owes its impermanent existence to reality strikes fear in human hearts. Yes, shadows are fearsome.

Sometimes, it is difficult to distinguish between fear and curiosity.

Fear is caused by insecurity born out of uncertainty. Truth destroys fear. To be truthful is not only the wisest and the easiest, but also the most natural.

Fear avoids a calm mind.

Fortune, fame, scholarship, and prowess — nothing can stand before Truth. If so where is the room for fear?

Fear is the pest. Cheer is the spray.

Whatever is not approved by the Truth is encouraged to rot and coaxed to destruction by fear.

It is fear that strikes terror and not courage, which is cool.

“Fear of God” is the most loathsome of all expressions. It is they who pay little heed to their conscience that fear God. God is beyond everything but falls in and for love. Moreover, love has nothing to do with fear. What has the flute to do with the hammer?


I felt this note is necessary here.
Mostly I decide the topic and then write my views, experiences etc. on that subject.
Seldom, I feel the urge to write and sit down to write without knowing what to write.
Like a flash it comes from nowhere without an effort. The following article is of this kind.

The One! The Only One!

! The unmanifest decided it was time to manifest. It chose a form and name for the convenience of humanity.
The form was to enable interaction.
The basic requirement to recognize Him is only one thing: FAITH!
FAITH led me to him. He is not here to give you Health and Wealth. It is more than that.
He is here to save you from the clutches of life and death. Break the cycle and sit at his lotus feet in eternal peace. He is the passport to eternity.
The path and goal is one. That is Him. It does not happen every now and then.

It happened before as Rama
It happened again as Krishna
It happened as Christ and many more times of which I am not aware.

Now for the benefit of those craving souls it has happened again. He is here. If we are not going to wake up to the reality and pick up the lead, it may be immensely a long time before anything like this happened again. After Jesus it is 2000 years now. 2000 years is a long time compared to the life span of a human being. Dont miss this opportunity.

I am concerned about the one in a thousand or a million who hesitate for a moment to think if there could be some substance of TRUTH in this statement. I am bothered about those handfull of craving souls longing for the ray of light to drive the darkness from the mundane mechanical worldly life. This page is meant to help them. If you are one of them, please don't hesitate to contact me. Perhaps you are at the gateway to eternity.

  • I wish you get what HE gave me.
  • I wish you enjoy the peace I enjoy.
  • I wish you come face to face with TRUTH!

Please go through other pages of this web site and download all the books from Publications section. Read them fully. If you have done, I know you will contact me. Here is my mail id:

I wish you peace in the name of my master Satguru Dr. A. Nithiyanandam.


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