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Yogic Exercise

This exercise will help speedup the process of Vasi yoga

Seethali Pranayama.

I am giving you a yogic exercise which would help you in maintaining your normal physical health. Select your room, either meditation room or study room or some other clean well ventilated room. Sit on your favorite Asana. Padmasana preferably or Sukhasana will do.

Contract the lips and throw out the tongue. Fold the tongue like a tube and draw in the air through it making a hissing sound. Fill the lungs and stomach slowly with the air drawn in and retain the same as long as you can do with comfort. Then exhale through both the nostrils. Practice this ten to twenty times daily, morning and evening. The practitioner acquires great tenacity of life and the power to repair the effects of injury. He is freed from all fevers, splenitis, and several other organic diseases. Like crabs, lobsters, serpents and frogs, he becomes proof against all kinds of inflammations. He acquires the power to cast off his skin and endures the privation of air, food and drink. Whenever you feel thirsty, do this Pranayama a few times. At once your thirst will be quenched.



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