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One must bear oneself. If only each person learns to bear himself on his own, alone, the world would become the most beautiful place to live in. Bearing is being independent, free from good and evil and not leaning towards anything. Only then, one can stand firmly like a cross. Since people refuse to bear, someone has to come down and bear it for them. Suffering is demonstration.

If one acts continuously, there is no need to think. That is how souls become great souls; that is how men become Maharishis. They stop not to think but act ceaselessly in the manner ordained by God. Smooth, silken, serene — without much ado. Action comes from inside.

Those who wonder about an aspirant becoming an adept overnight fail to notice that he did it all in one night.

Be it any place or religion a man who has come to a perfect agreement has no confusion. He has only love to offer. He has only a smile to sport. He willingly bears the burden of the others. He loves his self, not himself. Hence, he is able to love everyone as his own self.

Coconut cannot be squeezed. The mango cannot be broken. The wise alter their methods.

The peasant is patient in summer, prudent during the rain and sows just after. The wise know when to press, when not to present and when to withdraw a demand.

To be a seer, you should be able to see with your eyes closed.


Spiritual discipline is easy in the beginning, difficult midway and natural later on.

The stone has to lose a lot of itself if a statue should come out of it. You may try – You can never learn anything overnight.

Patience brings in discipline more than severe austerities. The most disciplined seeketh not.

Mere regularity is not discipline. If it is so, all the cranes should be masters.

Passion destroys discipline as a spark devours a mansion

Mr. Hari

was a disciple of our master. He was the instrument in bringing out most of our publications. He played a major roll in building the Anand Jothi Ashram from its inception stage to its finish. He was a silent and efficient worker. When the monthly news letter Voice of Anandjothi work was initially entrusted to me by Divine Mother,Hari helped me a lot in formatting and streamlining the periodical. Both our wavelength matched and we were able to work together with seamless perfection. He was a perfectionist.The following important piece of article is produced by him. Originally it appeared in the first issue of Voice of AnandJothi. I am reproducing here the particular piece of article written by him for the very reason that all who visit this web site should know the significance and meaning of this symbol.


It is not mearly a symbol or emblom to identify or associate Anand Joth with, but it is the way of our life and Sadhana.



Be A Living Symbol Of Our Symbol


This incident dates back to 1988 – 89. Doctor had started the ‘Holy sessions’ and every one eagerly awaited the arrival of 6.30 p.m. for another memorable assemblage. I was to pick up the member, who was the medium for communications from his office and take him to our venue of assembly. He wanted to take a detour to his house before going to our venue of assembly and I obliged. It was nearing 6.30 pm, we had kept the others waiting and we were hurrying up to leave, when suddenly Mother arrived.

She said that she had something special to convey. She said “The symbol is not a mere symbol. It is a representative of what you do – the practice of meditation”. Thus, she explained the symbol that day and I make a humble attempt to describe it.

The symbol is a top view of a person meditating. Imagine looking at a person from above his head. The two small circles represent his eyes and they meet behind the midpoint of the forehead. The circle at the base represents the space inside the head. The two lines represent the vertical meridian through which the ‘prana’ flows from the ‘muladhara’ to the ‘sahasrahara.

She said “You all must be a living symbol of this symbol and the world must see you so.


All the issues of Voice of Anandjothi since the first issue dated Nov.1996 including the current issue are updated on Voice of AnandJothi page. To read and download: ClickHere

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