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This lady Smt.Geetha, lives with her family in US. The experience, she narrates happened long back but something prompted her to reveal and share it with her fellow deciples now. Pats, my friend, asked me to publish her experiences in our web sites. He left us before I could publish it. Originally, the article was written in Tamil language. In order to fecilitate visitors of this site from all over the world, Mr. Janakiraman has translated it into English. Now, you can go ahead and read the article or go to if you prefer the Tamil version. -Kesavan

Mrs.Geetha’s Experience with Doctor

My sister and her husband came from Wisconsin to visit us at New York on 9th September 1994 for the first time. Their visit to our home set a turning point in our lives. I would always be eager to listen to my sister since her way of talking would be quite interesting. Whenever and whatever she speaks, she would always say that ‘it was not she, but Doctor (her Master) only speaks’ (through her). But then I could not understand why she was saying so. At that time, I was in a state of deep confusion due to some or other factors. Whenever she sat for meditation in the early hours, she would suggest me to sit with her to meditate. Though I did not know how to meditate, I used to sit with closed eyes, trying to meditate. She felt happy that I sincerely followed her advice. Evenings also I sat with her. I felt some relief in mind.

I was bewitched by her words as a snake to the snake charmer’s music. I obeyed to whatever she said. Even though I am not able to sing, I have the interest in listening to music. But she would sing very well and I lost myself whenever I listened to her singing that derived from out of her experiences. She tuned some Christian songs and sang besides teaching me to sing them. I cannot forget those days-not a single day when she was with me. My husband held no faith in anything or anybody-except in God. But on seeing me waking up early and sit in meditation, he too developed some interest in it- perhaps out of curiosity to know what it was. One day my sister’s husband showed to my husband a photo of Doctor. The next day, my husband told my sister that her Master’s photo resembled that of Lord Rama‘s picture that he had seen at his grandfather’s house while he was young. My sister somehow understood the meaning for it. After this incident, my husband started asking her for initiation. My sister replied that it is possible if only her Guru consents to it and, if a date is given by him, he should invariably accept it. I also felt that it would be good if he gets initiation so that we could have same experiences and the like. I was praying to God that he should get the privilege (meditation) even if I was deprived of it for some reasons. In that case, I decided to continue with the meditation even if I failed to get initiation into Vasi yoga by Doctor as I had already developed love for him and have faith in him.

This was going on for some days. Me and my sister used to sit together in conversation about Doctor during those days. My husband felt sorry that he was not invited to join us on those occasions. One day while we were talking together, he hurried into our room and insisted on her to speak to him and answer his questions. My sister also agreed to him, may be that the Master had consented to this. He told her that he would bring the tape recorder and record the conversation. He was not in his control. He was in a state of frenzy or ecstasy. He was not in such a state ever before. He blabbered that he was not in his control and that he was as if in some other’s possession. My sister understood the situation. She understood that her Master only was prompting him to act in such a way and she agreed. My husband promptly recorded the conversations as he said.

By this time, in the month of September, my sister and her husband left for her niece’s place as Mahesh was to arrive with his family there exclusively to meet them. Their visit to us was a good turning point in our lives. During their stay with us we were able to know more about Doctor that was exciting. I cannot find words to express my feelings and happiness that I derived. We could, as a result, get the rare privilege of the Guru’s blessings and his spiritual guidance.

Although they were away at my niece’s place, we were in regular contact with each other over phone. As we were very anxious to get initiated into Doctor’ fold as early as possible, I asked my sister to get his consent to that effect. In turn, she asked Mrs. Shobana to talk to doctor. May be because our prayer was sincere or proper time had come, Doctor gave a date (December 24th) to our delight and astonishment. Our happiness doubled because Doctor agreed to give initiation to both of us simultaneously. Our joy knew no bounds. At the same time, confusion arose because of the concern as to whether at the Christmas time, tickets, that too concessionary tickets for all the three of us would be available. Despite faith in Doctor, we were at a loss to know whether we would be able to undertake the journey meant for an important cause in our lives. At that time, we were quite ignorant of the fact that Doctor can make any impossible thing, possible! Yes! Doctor made an alternative arrangement! We left for Wisconsin to be with my sister and her husband at my niece’s place. Those three days of my life with them can never be forgotten as those days were blissful in that our time was spent in hearing about Doctor through them. Time was thus spent in talking about and hearing about Doctor and in meditation too. We were in such a blissful state that we wished whether time machine would stop at that point so we could continue to revel in that state forever!

The day finally came! On 24th, morning, at 6 A.M, we were initiated into our beloved Doctor’ fold! by my sister Samrat. In the evening, we called Doctor over phone. I introduced myself as so and so. How foolish of an act it was as he needed no introduction. It is he who found me and accepted me even before I could meet him personally! During my telephonic conversation, I expressed to him that my eagerness to see him was more than my desire for meditation. Even before I could finish my sentences he replied that he would come to meet me that day itself. I could realize only later that he answered to my intention even before I fully conveyed because of the fact that he could read what is running in one’s mind!

My mind was in a state of great expectation and in trance! I waited for the opportune hour. That night, I sat for mediation along with five others including my sister, her husband, and my husband. After some time all others had finished meditation and left. I was not aware of this. As nothing happened until then, I started ruminating as to whether I was not deserving or whether I was not meditating properly. Then I started weeping helplessly with eyes closed. At the same time, I felt like a powerful light flashing in the room and I doubted whether anybody was taking photograph with the help of flash light. For a moment I opened my eyes and closed again and started crying. My sister and my niece rushed to my room and asked what the matter was. When I explained, they said that Doctor had come and gave me darshan in the form of light and that I need not have to worry or cry. How ignorant I was not to know of Doctor’s presence as he promised! I was recharged with a fresh energy as a result. Then I realized that a man’s impatience, anger etc were due to his ignorance only!

The next day I had a new kind of experience. Even before others completed meditation I came out and started praying to God at my niece’s pooja room that I may always think good, talk good and act good and live a life on the path of Truth and Righteousness and in the end reach the feet of God. At the same time, I heard someone pressing the calling bell and when my niece went outside to see the person, none was there. I realized that Doctor had acknowledged my prayers by this act and I was very happy of his act. As the saying goes ‘he who believes in God, is never let down’ (by Him). My Master is such a kind Sathguru.

Here I have to say of my perception about Doctor prior to the initiation. When I heard of Doctor through my sister, I developed interest in him. My desire to meet him personally also grew day by day. I could not imagine how would he look like, except for the information I got from my sister that he was a practicing allopathic Doctor after doing his M.S and serving in the government hospital. I also came to know that he was a gynecologist .He had also done sports medicine and acupuncture, I was told. For my sister and all other disciples he was their master whereas they address him as ‘Doctor’ only! But in my case, I worshipped him as the Lord Vaithyanatha only and as such I could not address him as ‘Doctor’. As the days pass by, I started treating him verily as my father although he is my Master (Guru), God, mother and father! As a result, I was gripped with confusion. As Doctor was not very old comparing my age, (as I too was not very young), a question arose in my mind whether it was right for me to think of him as my father. I became restless for some time in this condition. Suddenly it came to my memory what my sister had once told me that there was no age factor for the atman. I was relieved of my confusion and unhesitatingly I started treating him as my father.

At this time, we received a message from Singapore of the hospitalization of my father-in-law. It caused concern and we wanted to fly to Singapore. Immediately thereafter another message came of his demise. As such, my husband and his brother decided to perform last rites of their father at Chennai. My husband was on one side sad due to demise of his father, and on the other side felt happy for the reason that he would be privileged to meet his master there. I felt sad that I could not get an opportunity to meet my master while at the same time was relieved that my husband at least was fortunate to get such a chance. I wrote down four questions in a diary for doctor and sent through my husband. My husband met doctor along with Mr. Mani one of the days of his stay there. He was dumb founded. From what he heard of Doctor, he had his own imagination about him and his appearance in a great way. But here he saw a very simple person in simple attire there! He was awe struck. Then he realized the fact that ‘God never exhibits Himself.’ My husband could not recover from his state of mind and as he started leaving, Doctor called him back and gave something to eat and asked him if he had any questions to be answered. As my husband was still in the same state, he could not speak a word or show the diary to doctor. But Doctor asked for the diary saying that he would himself read what was written therein. Can he not know the contents in the diary? If he volunteered to ask for the diary from him, what is the wonder if he knew that was written therein? He himself is a wonder-whatever he does is wonder-wonder he performs without showing it as a wonder-what a wonder he is! He answered my questions to my husband. Then again he asked for the diary and wrote down and gave it back to him.

As soon as my husband returned to New York, he handed the diary to me.On reading his answers, I was not in my control. I felt as if I was reunited with my father after separation for several births. Nay! He is ever with me, but it is I who did not realize this fact. Whatever he has written in the diary still remains green in my memory. How fortunate I am that the God Himself has given a written reply to my questions! I will ever preserve the golden diary!


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