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Behind every miracle, there is a lot of hard work.

The Lord did not give an eye on the back because He wanted man to walk forward.

As the midgets cannot grow, miracles cannot convince.


The hallmark of wisdom is to abide in yourself wherever you are, whatever you are and however the situation be.


There is not a bigger place than one’s heart. It can accommodate anything, but a loving heart cannot accommodate hatred or evil. There is no room for even a speck of dust in such a place.

The loving cannot but be loved.

For winning the Heaven while on Earth, the holy combination of love and knowledge is recommended.

The source of power is love. It is the power, which soothes the souls.


So long as it is considered as of opinion, beauty will remain debatable.

Eternity is beautiful. What is permanent acquires a poise that is poised on the impermanent, despite the withering of the encasement. One is perennial while the other is successive. There need not be an immediacy in succession. Be it life or a word, if expressed twice, that is being successive.


It is a miraculous word: What does it mean?

  • It means that that which is not happening in every days life and in every ones life is Miracle.
  • It means that : that which cannot be performed by all is Miracle.
  • It means that: that which is not bound by law of nature as understood by common man is Miracle.

Well it happens every day, every where around the world in many places to many persons. But they hardly come to be noticed by the common man. It is not talked about widely. It does not happen on demand. One cannot order a miracle. It happens at the will of God!

The Prophets caused miracles. Jesus left back a long list of miracles.. Many such god men have done it down the ages.

Our spiritual master, Satguru Dr. A. Nithiyanandam, a great siddha yogi has performed many miracles, totally amazing by the worldly standards in many of his disciples lives.

In the early days when I had just met him several such miracles happened in my life. Even today it happens but less frequently.

The spiritual giants, prophets and great yogis do perform miracles not to show off their powers. They use it very discretely and only if it is a need of the hour. They do it for the sake of their disciples progress.

The miracles that happened in my life made me divert my attention from the worldly interests to my Master.I was slowly but steadily drawn towards him. I paid more attention to his words than I did in the beginning.

Now I know that the miracles happen only with a purpose - to catch the undivided attention of the disciple or to change the course of his life.

I suggest the visitor who reads this article to go to the other web site of Anand Jothi which has similar articles, plenty of information about Doctor. Who knows! It could be the turning point in the course of your life. I will come back with more articles about my guru and good things in life. Keep visiting the sites frequently to learn more about Vasi Yoga and our Master.


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