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Mr.Subramaniam, lives in Ghana, Africa. The experience, he narrates happened very recently. As the experience was unique and can be mentioned as miracle, he wished to reveal and share it with his fellow deciples. Originally, the article was written in Tamil language. The original article can be viewed in our web site In order to fecilitate visitors of this site from all over the world, Mr. Janakiraman has translated it into English. If you prefer Tamil version of the article go to –Kesavan


I am Subramanian. I am serving as financial controller in a company in Ghana in West Africa for the past five years. By divine grace, I was initiated into Vasi Yoga in Sidhasram at Palakode village near my native town, Vellore in the year 2004. The discomforting feeling as to whether I was not regularly able to practice the blessed vasi yoga due to burdening official overwork was tormenting my mind all these years. One day as I was on the internet, I casually typed ‘Vasi Yoga’ and came across the website addresses of Anandavallal and connected sites. After 2 or 3 months, I contacted Mr. Kesavan and he described about Doctor at length in a convincing manner. The very next day I encountered a surprising experience. This incident is strange and baffling too. I desire to share this amazing experience with my AnandJothi friends. As I am staying alone in a flat, at weekends I used to visit my other Indian friends who reside nearby or at some distance, to pass time in their company. On one such Sunday I visited a friend named Babu who stays in a not far off place. As he is doing business with bore well machineries, he has taken a big bungalow to accommodate big Lorries fitted with rigs and spares and also resides there. On that Sunday, he got an order from an Indian company to drill bore well and I joined Babu and Murugan to perform pooja at the site. Morning by 9 all the materials and the boring machines arrived at the work spot. The main door and the wicket door were all promptly closed and locked at the bungalow before we left.

It was noon by the time the pooja was over. As Murugan was to catch the flight by 6 P.M for Chennai, three of us returned to Babu’s house at lunch time in order to escort him to the airport.

Here, I have to explain about the structure and position of the front door. There is a main entrance with big double doors made of heavy steel bars of about 10 feet height attached to one wall for allowing big vehicles like bore well lorries etc into the premises. There is another door for entrants attached with another wall. The gap between the two doors will be about 5 ft and not connected to each other. Even a well-built, healthy person could open any one of the two doors only - that too with great efforts as the doors are very strong and heavy. When we returned to his house, the small door was not to be opened easily. Babu, tried hard and after a great deal of efforts, he opened it. The double door was safely locked since morning. We entered the house, took Murugan to airport and after dropping him at Airport and finishing other works, myself along with Babu, his manager and his local worker(Who stays in that house for past three years) returned to Babu’s house by 4 P.M.

The small door again started giving trouble. Babu attempted to open the door several times in vain and got exhausted and finally gave the keys to me and sat in the car. My attempts also having ended with failure, somehow a thought occurred in my mind about Doctor. ‘Doctor, how long we will have to suffer like this? Can you not help?’ –I just thought like this. At the same time, the big double door that was locked properly and was intact, started jolting with big sound as if someone from behind that door was shaking it violently. The local manager got annoyed and as he started asking me, “Subra, What is happening here?” The properly locked massive double door started opening automatically with a big sound thus paving a way to allow two persons in between. The local guy rushed into the house, started searching for anyone in all the rooms and backyard and finding none, asked me,” Subra, somebody opened the door, but I could find none, What is this?”.He was overtaken by surprise and he could not overcome it.

As I understood that it was Doctor who opened the massive double door to one’s utter disbelief and contrary to nature, I thanked him within my heart of hearts. I requested his help to open the small door, whereas, he opened the big door! I see this as symbolic expression. Opening the massive doors of the building is a sign of the big doors to his kingdom were thrown open for me. Though I came to know of him – the almighty-only recently, I realized the fact that he has mingled with my atman. I have surrendered my very atman unto him. I am bubbling with happiness and satisfaction- ‘You are my Jeevan, you are my Atman’.

This world looks like an ocean in which Doctor is not only ‘catamaran’ but also navigates it efficiently as he is the best Captain. Even amidst the cyclone of trials and tribulations, Doctor alone remains as an anchor. My journey continues without fear or doubt under his blanket protection. No force can ever change my faith and path from Doctor who is Atman inside me.

Even if I would have to take any number of births-even if there is no birth after this-Doctor alone is my Atma - Jeevan! Subramanian.

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